The Black Patent Leather Pouch (Black)

The Black patent leather purse is a patent leather pouch that fits a Black patent, patent leather shoe and patent leather footwear. 

It has an elastic strap around the waist and a strap on the front that allows it to fit both Black and patent designs. 

A patent leather jacket is also available. 

Patent leather shoes are available in many different designs and styles. 

Black patent leather shoes cost between $50 and $100. 

They are made from a blend of patent leather and leather and silk. 

The patent leather patent leather bags are $150. 

Pouch style and size: Black patent shoes are made with a black patent leather strap around each ankle. 

Sneakers are made of patent-grade leather, patent-style leather and a special suede lining. 

There are also patent leather accessories such as patent leather earrings and patent-quality patent leather socks. 

Each patent leather bag has a patent design printed on the inside, but not on the outside. 

Designer Pat Cunningham has created many patent leather purses over the years, including this patent leather dress bag. 

What is a Patent Leather Bag?

Patent leather pursues have a patent logo stamped on the back. 

This is what a patent bag looks like. 

If you have any questions about patent leather, you can email Pat Cunningham at [email protected] or call (973) 982-2850. 

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The Black patent leather purse is a patent leather pouch that fits a Black patent, patent leather shoe and patent…