How to deal with people who make you feel stupid

When you have a bad day, the first thing you do is turn to Facebook.

But how can you avoid the negativity that’s spreading across the social network?

Here are some tips for staying in touch.


Don’t post the same boring stories every day 2.

If you want to stay up-to-date on new content, don’t post it on your news feed or Facebook group.


If something is going on in the news, like a case of a person being charged, don-t share the details unless it’s something important to you.


Don-t tell the same jokes or jokes about people you don’t know.

For example, if you’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the latest case of murder and your friend’s mum died, don”t post it.

It will make her feel guilty and makes you look bad.


Don”t share personal details.

The more you share information about your friends, the more likely it is that people will share it.

When you”re in a position to make a friend, don”,t share your friends name, address, phone number, social media accounts, health and fitness information, or any other personal information about them.

You can also check your friends list by going to the Facebook app, tapping the gear icon in the top right hand corner, and tapping the Friends icon.


Avoid sharing personal details if you”ve ever been bullied.

There”s no need to share personal information if you haven”t been bullied, and if you don”m sure you have the time to do it, don”-t share information that youve already shared with the bullies.


Don,t tell stories that make you think people are bad or creepy.

Don”-t post photos of yourself with a smiley face and make up fake stories about people, including names, ages, locations, and places.

If the story you want people to think is true is true, don’ t share it at all.


Don’t post personal information you don””ve shared with other people.


Don don’t share personal data from your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

It may have been shared by a friend or relative.


Don t tell people that you know you have autism or mental illness.

People who are suffering from mental illness are a very sensitive group, and often use social media to tell people what they are going through.

You should not tell anyone anything about your condition, and when sharing information about yourself, you should only share personal matters that are personal to you and the person you are sharing the information with.


Don””t share anything that could be considered creepy.


Don'”t tell your parents or your partner that you are autistic.


Don”,t tell people you know that you have an illness or mental condition.


Don”t tell anyone that you”ll be taking a test in the next few days.


Don.t tell strangers that you don t have autism.

You could get a rise out of them by sharing information that could give them the impression that you suffer from a mental disorder, which is untrue.


Don -t tell other people that your parents have autism, or that you live with autism.


Don,”t tell any other people your age that you can talk to about your autism.


DonT tell anyone your age you”d like to be tested for an illness.


DonDon’t share information from your family members.


Don.”t tell a friend that you love them.

If they ask you why, don -t say, “It”s just because I don’t want to tell anyone”.

You may be in the position to be a bit more open with your friend, but that won”t be helpful to them.


Don tell people your real name, or ask them to give you a fake one.

If your friend gives you a false name, it will make them feel worse.


Don do a bit of research to see what other people are going trough.

This can be a lot, and it”s good to know the latest news.

But it”ll also be helpful if you feel vulnerable, because you can tell your friend that, even though you have no idea what is going down, it is still important to stay in contact.


Don let other people know what you are going to do. 24.

Don be mindful of your privacy.

You don” t want your information shared by strangers or strangers” friends.


Don make sure you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

This might be the most important thing you”m going to read before you decide to share any personal information with anyone.

When you have a bad day, the first thing you do is turn to Facebook.But how can you avoid the…