How to find a provisional patent in Australia

An Australian company has filed a provisional application for a patent in a region where it wants to develop a smartwatch.

Key points:The company, Lighthouse, says it wants a patent to cover the movement of the user’s wristThe patent covers the movement sensors used by the watchThe application has been submitted to the Australian Patent and Trademark OfficeLighthouse says the watch is based on an algorithm developed by Lighthouse that allows the wearer to monitor the time.

The application describes a smart wristwatch that uses a movement sensor to track a wearer’s wrist in real-time.

It describes how the sensor could be used to improve user experience and reduce fatigue.

“Lighthouse believes its patented system will enable the wrist-worn wearable device to be more flexible, more intuitive, and more intuitive to use, allowing users to perform tasks at a much more fluid pace,” the company says in the application.

“This will enable more efficient and efficient use of the wearer’s hands and hands-free tasks.”

Lighthouse is one of several Australian companies developing wearable technologies, and has already raised funding for its project, Smart Watch, which is due to go on sale in 2019.

“Our wearable technology allows users to be physically more active, more productive and more productive in a more efficient way, thereby improving health and wellbeing,” Lighthouse’s founder and chief executive, Paul Devenney, said in a statement.

“The Lighthouse Smart Watch is designed to do just that.

It will be the first wearable to offer all of this and more.”LIGHTNING WATCH’S KEY THINGSKey pointsLighthouse claims its technology could improve wearables by enabling the wearer more control over the movementThe watch uses an algorithm to track the wrist in a way that improves comfort, and is said to improve the user experienceWhen Lighthouse launched its Smart Watch prototype back in 2013, the company said the watch would track a user’s “hands, fingers, toes and wrist in three dimensions, allowing the wearer greater control over their movements”.”LIGHTING WATCH will enable an intelligent user to wear the Lighthouse Watch more comfortably and confidently than ever before, giving the user more control, comfort and control over how they use their wrist,” Lighthouses chief executive said at the time, explaining how the Lighthouse Smart Watch would allow the wearer “to be physically and mentally more active and productive”.”

The patented Lighthouse technology allows the Lifestyle Watch to be the only smartwatch to offer a fully functional and intuitive smartwatch experience, and enables the user to control the user interface, task switching, and even the user-generated content that can be presented to the user,” Mr Devenneys company said.

The company has since developed a range of smartwatches, including the Smart Watch 2, Smartwatch 3, SmartWatch 4, Smart watch 5 and Smart Watch 6, all of which are being marketed in Australia by Lighthoes parent company, Mio.

An Australian company has filed a provisional application for a patent in a region where it wants to develop a…