The patent office wants to take on Amazon

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is in the middle of a patent war with Amazon.

The office is considering issuing hundreds of thousands of patents against the online retail giant, including some of its most valuable patents, according to a filing Friday.

Patent applications submitted by the agency include one that could allow Amazon to patent the entire process of packaging its products, according a filing.

The filing by the Office of Technology and Innovation and the Office for Intellectual Property & Design also details its proposal to require the creation of new forms of technology to patent products.

Amazon has been the focus of intense lobbying by the patent office, which has sued several companies in the past few years to stop their attempts to patent their products.

The Office for Technology and Intellectual Property and the Patent and Trade Office also argue that Amazon’s use of “patentable” marks could lead to confusion among consumers.

Amazon and its supporters say that trademarks should not be used to trademark products and that companies should be allowed to develop their own patents to protect their products and products’ design.

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is in the middle of a patent war with Amazon.The office is considering issuing…