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By Simon Bixby and Sudhir Kumar New Delhi, Aug 13 (Reuters) The world’s biggest patent holder has launched a patent filing to make it easier for firms to get around a court order requiring them to disclose their patent holdings to retail customers.

The filing, filed on Thursday by Intellectual Ventures (IIP), marks a big step in the company’s strategy to use technology to make patent-infringement cases more difficult to win.IIP’s patent is likely to give firms an incentive to take patent infringement claims seriously, as it is likely that consumers will be more willing to take their business to the patent troll if they know that they can use the information to make a case against a company.

The IPR filing is the latest sign that the global tech industry is changing, with some of its leading players taking more proactive measures to protect intellectual property rights.

Earlier this year, Alphabet Inc became the first company to offer an automated patent database that lets firms compare patents to see if they can be used against them.

But the filing also signals that some firms are taking the patent process seriously.IIPs chief executive Vishal Sikka told Reuters that patent trolls are increasingly using their patents to threaten companies that want to challenge their patents, which is not the case in the past.

He said that the IPR process is not just a tool for patent holders to raise money, but also to protect their intellectual property.

“This is the first step in our efforts to protect our intellectual property and we have not stopped at just filing the patents.

We have started making these claims more public.

I hope that our customers will see this as a good step,” Sikka said.IIp said it will begin sharing more information about its patent portfolio in the coming weeks.

In the past, IIPs patent filing process has been slow, but Sikka believes the new filing will give it a lot of confidence in its ability to fight off litigation.

The IIP filing comes as the world’s leading patent holders have begun to take more aggressive steps to stop patent trolls from using their patent portfolios to threaten rivals.

The global tech sector is undergoing a rapid transformation as it moves to digitise, and companies like IIP are taking advantage of this shift.

IIP’s filing is likely an early indication of how the sector is responding to these changes.

The Patent Office said earlier this month that it would begin enforcing the patent ban on trolls and other patent-holding entities to combat patent trolling, a move that could result in many of these firms losing their patent-holders.

(Reporting by Ravi Dhar in New Delhi; Additional reporting by Anupam Agarwal in Bengaluru and Dinesh Srivastava in New York; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Richard Balmforth)

By Simon Bixby and Sudhir Kumar New Delhi, Aug 13 (Reuters) The world’s biggest patent holder has launched a patent…